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Do you picture yourself traveling to exotic locations, spending more time on your hobbies, volunteering for the greater good or simply maintaining your current standard of living? No matter what you have in mind for your retirement, the ultimate goal is having the financial independence to make your vision a reality.
Planning for retirement can be a complicated process with changing emphasis depending on your current stage of life. Saving for your retirement, nearing your retirement, and finally living it require different financial strategies. Retirement plans should be dynamic. They need continued and careful analysis to realize maximum potential.

When can I retire?
How much will I need to retire?
What if I’m behind on what I should have put toward retirement?
Are my investments at too much risk? Too little?
My expenses are higher than I planned for in retirement, help!

818 Group can address these questions and more. Our holistic approach to retirement planning considers more than pure financial aspects. Lifestyle choices such as where you want to live or how you plan to spend your time can have a dramatic impact on the income you need for retirement. Your retirement goals and dreams are part of the planning process.

No one wants to think about it, but as you age, the more likely you are to encounter health care costs. Surgery, medications and equipment and even long term care should be addressed in your financial plan. Life insurance guidance and estate planning, including will and trust analysis, are additional services that we offer. These are an important part of a complete financial plan.

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