Our investment programs are designed to match your specific needs to the appropriate professional investment strategy. Let us show you how we can protect and grow your wealth.

Change is the only true constant in life. Fluctuating financial markets, revised tax regulations, and shifting political landscapes over the long term lead to an unpredictable financial landscape. At 818 Group, we strive to not only grow your wealth, but protect it as well.

An investment strategy is only successful if it meets or exceeds your specific goals. Working with you, we identify your needs, understand your current financial situation, and assess your risk tolerance to create an investment plan that will allow you to achieve those goals. We know that both expected and unexpected changes will occur in your life. Financial needs will grow and change over time. Our portfolios are designed with that in mind and your managed assets will be adjusted according to your new objectives.

Transparency is essential. We keep you informed on market changes in language you can understand and continually evaluate growth to ensure your financial plan is on track.

We can help you understand the differences between Mutual Funds and Variable Annuities and how you can take advantage of each to grow your wealth based on your unique situation and objectives. Risk is inherent when it comes to investing and the amount of risk each person is willing to take will vary. Overall, we will construct and manage a diversified portfolio designed for steady growth and downside protection that reduces the volatility that exists in any portfolio.

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